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The safest place to leave your coats and bags at Eagle London is in our coatcheck

Your coatcheck receipt is THE key to reclaiming your property quickly. If you have lost your coatcheck receipt, your property will be considered lost property. Please see below for Lost Property advice. We strongly recommend taking a photo of your receipt with your phone; we are unable to release property from our coatcheck without a valid receipt.





1 garment per hanger - £2

1 piece of personal baggage (handbag/rucksack/holdall/tote etc.) - £2

1 piece of excess baggage

(large/heavy items, accepted at our discretion) - £5




Terms and Conditions


  1. Eagle London accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to property not checked into our secure coatcheck.

  2. Any checked item which becomes lost or damaged as a result of unforeseen circumstances (fire, flood etc.) will carry a maximum compensation amount of £50.00.

  3. Return visits to retrieve items from coats/bags will be deemed a reclaim and redeposit and will incur an additional charge accordingly.

  4. We reserve the right to refuse any item (eg. high value, size/weight, dirty, noxious, unsafe etc.)

  5. Unclaimed property can be reclaimed during opening hours.

  6. Items unclaimed for 14 days or more will be destroyed or donated to a charity of our choice.


We’re sorry if you have lost something in our venue and will do everything we can to reunite you with your belongings.


However, please be aware that we accept no responsibility or liability for property lost in our venue which has not been checked into our secure coatcheck.

Any items found in our venue by our staff, or handed in to us by a customer, are logged and stored securely for 14 days.

We reserve the right to dispose of lost property after 14 days, which may include destruction or donation to a charity of our choice.

If you have lost your phone or any other trackable device, please be aware that a tracking app (such as Find My iPhone) is not conclusive proof that the device is still on our premises.



What to do.


If you have lost something in our venue, please email with a detailed description of your lost item(s), when you lost it (date/time) and your contact details including a phone number. We will do our best to reunite you with your property, but offer no guarantees.

please DO NOT come to the venue in search of your property without first reporting via email.

Please allow up to 7 days for us to respond to your lost property report.

We may require proof of identification to be able to release lost property.

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