Terry T Rex & Conor Lynch Give Us Some Toy Box Flavas!

Terry T Rex:

1. French Kiss - Lil Louis

Great memories of dancing to this deep, sexy groove. One of my all time fave club stompers.

2. Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

This song takes me back to my childhood. Way too young to go to clubs [so she says] but when I heard it on the radio for the first time I fell in love with Annie.

3. Let’s Dance - David Bowie

Not much to say about this one. Bowie teams up with Nile Rodgers: ICONIC. R.I.P

4. Heart of Glass - Blondie

All the teen boys used to play this at my youth club. Four decades on it can still fill a dance floor.

5. Like Sugar - Chaka Khan

A highly awaited comeback from Chaka and what a comeback it is! This is already a big choon.

6. Free - Ultra Nate

This is my anthem of gay prides of yesteryear when it was at its best. Big, happy, feel good track.

7. 1999 - Prince

Prince never played this corker after 1999. Now that he’s gone And 19 years later I’m playing it. Let’s party like it’s... R.I.P

8. A Deeper Love - Aretha Franklin

With so many hits which one do you play? This big dancefloor classic is a must R.I.P

9. Tainted Love - Soft Cell

A classic. Love, love, LOVE.

10. So Excited - The Pointer Sisters

So excited to be kickin' off The Eagle’s Christmas season 2019!

Conor Lynch:

1. Whitney Houston – Love Will Save The Day (Disconet Edit) Even though Jellybean and David Morales also remixed this track, the disconet edit by the less luminous Mike Carroll far outshines their version with its driving intro and stutter vocal effects. It's the outstanding version of this Whitney masterpiece.

2. Janet Jackson – When I Think Of You (Dance Mix) Peak Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis production of Miss Jackson from her 1986 magnum opus, Control. The opening chords wash over you like a warm summer breeze before Janet comes in with her iconic vocal delivery over the top. Heaven.

3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (US Mix) About as relaxing as a sandpaper massage, this is big room house before big room house existed. Unlike the more stripped down 16 min Sex Mix version of Relax, this is a stomper from the get go with a big, long dramatic intro that leaves you hanging on a string before that iconic growling bassline and Holly Johnson's vocals kick in half way through to send you into ecstacy.

4. Emotions – Best Of My Love Written & Produced by the main man from Earth, Wind & Fire, Maurice White, this classic diva soul disco favourite was a number 1 hit in the US and won them a grammy in '78 before going on to be featured on the Boogie Nights soundtrack and get murdered in karaoke bars worldwide.

5. Abba – Gimme Gimme Gimme (Mighty Mouse Remix) A really clever remix of Sweden's finest from Glitterbox and Horse Meat Disco mainstay Mighty Mouse who adds a gritty, extended funk intro onto to the 1979 pop disco classic. Madonna hang it up, this is how it's done.

6. Madonna – Into The Groove Speak of the devil, and she appears this time with one of the greatest remixers of all time, Shep Pettibone, in tow to sprinkle his magic dust over it. You’ve heard it a million times before, though maybe not this version.

7. Five Star – The Slightest Touch This one was a major hit in 1987 for the UK's answer to the Jackson 5, Five Star, and another one to get the masterful Midas touch of Shep Pettibone. Despite it being a number 2 hit in my homeland (also my age coincidentally when it charted), the first I heard of it was when I found the vinyl for a quid in a bargain bin a few years back.

8. Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me Huge number 1 house anthem from 1999. This one takes me back to my teenage years when I first got into clubbing, DJing and buying vinyl and was foretelling what was to come in my later years through its superb use to the Carrie Lucas disco loop which is built around Duane Harden's soaring vocals.

9. Prince Raspberry - Beret I'm guessing ‘Purrrrple Beret’ didn’t quite have the right ring to it for our favourite royal to abandon the colour so central to his legendary 40 year career in this feelgood pop anthem about first love. Peak Prince from the innocent times before the symbols, rib rumours and youtube blocks.

10. Jade – Don’t Walk Away End of the night singalong new jack swing/rnb jam which reminds me of growing up in the early 90s and has since been covered by Popstars reject Javine in 2004 & sampled by Diplo in 2015. Save yourself the stress and go straight to the original.

Toy Box kicks off our Christmas Season at The Eagle on November 30th from 9pm. Get free entry until 11 with a ticket from this site.

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