Soul On Saturday's Roy Inc.

Tell us about how SOS came about?

SOS came about when Eagle's Mark Oakley said he’d love me to do a night at the venue that’s true to who I am! We spoke about the history we had in our youth and the amazing venues we experienced like Slags at the Market Tavern, Upstairs at Heaven Club, Henry Africa’s in High St Kensington, Queer Nation & the soul and funk nights under the Westway fly over in West London in the late 80’s early 90’s.

These were some of the places that soul, funk, p-funk, disco, old skool soul grooves, house rhythms dance tunes lived and it was all about the music, dancing and atmosphere which was electric and inclusive: a gathering of everyone. We spoke about a soul night and Mark mentioned on a Saturday and if possible and that's when SOS - Soul On Saturday - was born. The  rest is history. Fifteen months later with great DJs who know their soul & funk and an awesome crowd who come for the music, to dance and the joyful atmosphere.

For the SOS virgin, what can he/ she/ they expect?

We'll be laying down tracks from across the music spectrum from nu-Soul, soul jams, funky grooves to old skool dance trax. We have great drink offers on the night running until midnight it's always got a great vibe.

Your 3 Soul/ Funk desert island discs and why.

1 Harlequin Fours - Set it Off

This reminds me of some epic nights at Slags at the Market Tavern. Oh the fun, sweat from dancing and the love in one place.



2: The System -  Your in my System

The power and energy in this track is awesome. Dirty sounding beats and a real dance floor filler! You just can’t stand still to this track.


3: Atomic Dog - George Clinton ( Funkadelic/Parliament )

When I first heard this monumental song I was Upstairs in Heaven with a major, magical friend of mine called ‘Space’. . .Princess. When the DJ dropped the track, I think it was Jeffrey Hinton, we both ran to the dance floor, spun out and proceeded to walk the invisible dog we both had on our invisible leads!! Fucking amazing memory. . . Love you Space.

What does soul music mean to you?

The sound that brings joy to my life, the beats, the

, the bass and vocals that lift me up. It’s like escaping in a haze of happiness. And also you feel like you're in church, the church of soul music that doesn’t judge or hate or discriminate. Where you feel you're in the right space where we're all one.

Married at first sight: Michael Barrymore or Michael Alig?

I think marrying Michael Barrymore would be the best choice as there’d be more laughter in the marriage before the shit hits the fan. I wouldn’t have to look over my shoulder if I were married to Michael Alig - it’s impossible to sleep with one eye open.

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