Songwriter, Muse & Eagle Host: Roy In Lockdown.

Yes, if you're wondering about THAT photo that was plastered across the whole of London for the Barbican's Masculinities exhibition - it was our Roy from back in his modelling days. Anyone who has been for a spin at The Eagle will know him: the face that greets you all every weekend. For those yet to visit us here's a little heads up on your host...

Hello Roy!

Describe the Eagle in three words

Supportive, individuation, original.

What brought a good boy from Brum down to the Big Smoke?

Freedom and creativity. Also finding my footing with who I was becoming in my late teens after graduating college with a Fine Arts & Graphics Design Diploma.

You were a (glamour) model in the 80s. What was your favourite shoot and why? It was the start of the 90’s, actually. I fell into modelling while I was a graphic designer. I was scouted by photographers for various projects and it went from there.


My favourite shoot? Difficult question because there are so many but if I had to pick my top three I’d say it would have to be with Tyen shooting the Gianfranco Ferre and Issey Miyake campaigns and German Vogue with him too.

Who was the biggest diva you met? Please don’t spare the details. Haahaa! I’ve worked with and met quite a few but the biggest was Diana Ross. A mega diva obviously but the genius of her divadom was to make a large room of super models at the time including Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Iman, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Lauren Hutton (the whole crew) to wait in rehearsals until she arrived to run through the show for the Thierry Mugler Paris fashion week extravaganza. Her wig arrived three hours before she did! It was hilarious.

Explain for your younger readers what this article is about please.

Well, when it happened it was a something of a surprise. I was crowned the very first Mr. Gay Great Britain which was held at The Hippodrome in London’s West End. It’s now called Mr Gay UK. As the winner I had to dance or move while Sinitta was performing on stage.

Share 3 top modelling tips to us lowly mortals.

1. Wash your face with warm water & a mild scrub.

2. After that close your pores with cold water.

3. Use a none perfumed moisturiser.

(And an off-record lift we've heard.)

As well as being the Naomi Campbell of Vauxhall, you’ve written some stomping disco tracks for Horse Meat Disco including 'Falling Deep In Love' ft. Kathy Sledge & 'Hungry Minds' ft. Amy Douglas. How did your musical career begin?

It was a chance meeting on a fashion shoot with international photographer Sheila Rock were I met her photographers assistant Jasper James in London. He told me about mates of his looking for a frontman for their indie-Rock Band in late 95’. The band became RECREATION. And really that’s what got the musical ball rolling.

Write us two verses and a chorus about the Eagle.


      Welcome to a place where you can find 

      Yourself in a happy safe space.

      Bar staff you’ll find, are welcoming 

      With a smile on their face.

      Doesn’t matter if you can’t dance, 

      We have drinks at the bar hand to hand.


      Disco balls, flashing light lights

      The dance floor Eagle's rocking tonight.

Tuesday to Sunday you’ll find, 

      That the music will take your soul high.

      When you connect your eyes to someone 

      And the secret words on your lips! You’ve been here before?!


     Cause it’s a family Affaire. . .


     Party time, free your minds

     Do whatcha wanna do

     Party time, no compromise 

     The Djs Spinning the music to you.

Well, maybe we need to get Kathy & Amy back in the studio for a duet...

You’ve been on the scene a looooooooong time. In your opinion, London’s best queer club nights during your long reign and why.

Not that long dear! ;) Ok, so clubs from the 80s that have really stuck with me:        

1. Henry Africa’s, Kensington High St. Great dance and soul music.

2. The Coleherne, Earl's Court. For the gathering & cruising.

3. The Market Tavern, Vauxhall.  The venue, the crowd, the staff and the music/djs. Especially the night SLAAGS. The best disco, funk, soul, p-funk and dance tunes.

4. Taboo, Leicester Square. Great hedonistic night with pop, trash trax, punk, indie & alternative.

5. Under The Westway, Royal Oak. Awesome event, funk, soul and everyone’s dancing & sweating.

6. Pink Panther, Soho. Best after hours venue. A real shit hole but a great late nighter.

7. Kinky Gerlinky, Leicester Square. EPIC Extravaganza of a night. The place to be yourself.

8. The Prince Of Wales, Brixton. Medium sized pub but great meeting place with tacky fabulous drag and the epicentre for hooking up with awesome friends I still have to this day.

9. Harpoon Louie, Earl's Court. Another good drinking water hole.

10. Heaven, Charing Cross. The mega club which had some awesome nights and private events.

11. The LA, London Apprentice, Old Street. One of the best pubs for cruiser music and hook-ups!

12. The Backstreet, Mile End. One of the first leather fetish clubs in London and a friend of mine ‘Jeff’ was the headline DJ there on the weekends. My first time there was the year it opened.

For the 90s...        

1. The Eagle London, Vauxhall. With their awesome history of great Nights ie: Horse Meat Disco, Carpet Burn, Soul On Saturday, MR Eagle, Tonker, Athena, Debbie, Cheer Up, Vauxhall Vogue Balls and amazing live acts.

2. Trade, Farringdon. Fierce, up for it all night crowd with great techno beats.

3. Bagley's Warehouse, King's Cross. The place to be for the party people and music.

4. The Bell Pub, King's Cross. 80’s alternative gatherings and music that continued through the 90’s.

5. Crash, Vauxhall. Cool venue, cruisey mix crowd and pumping sounds.

6. Recon, South London. A sexy fetish event that’s cool, cleverly organised and mixed.

7. Ministry Of Sound, Elephant & Castle. I first worked on the door doing the guest lists when it opened in the early 90’s.

8. Skin Two, Hammersmith. The mixed fetish unisex all inclusive mega event. Great night and crowd.

9. Barcode, SoHo. A fun meeting relax bar with good music and hot guys. 

10. Madame JoJos, SoHo. Epic Drag night, great acts and fun messy nights.

You certainly trod the boards, Madame Roy...

You’ve been part of the family since the off. Why do you think the Eagle has stood the test of time?

Because the Eagle believes in the all round support in the LGBTQi’s Community, and family in the work place, plus creating successfully Nights that are different on our landscape. Also having the right team/ staff who are really there for one another!! A real Eagle Family

Which three tracks never fail to get you on the dance floor? 1: Kissing with confidence: WILL POWER.

2: Atomic Dog:  GEORGE CLINTON.

3: Set it Off:  HARLEQUINS 3.

Tell us a secret. One of yours? Oohh, one of mine. . . I’m a proud nerd & geek!! Love jigsaw puzzles & stamps. Nothing juicy!

And finally, what’s your top self-isolation tip? 1:  Be Creative with what you’ve always wanted to do and finish.

2:  Clean the house, flat or house boat from top to bottom.

3:  Paint the walls you had put on hold.

4:  Stand at your doorway, go into the garden or stand on your balcony and breathe & take in the sunshine and feel the fresh air.

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