Rodent Superhero DJ: Mighty Mouse!

So Mighty Mouse, what’s your superpower other than being able taking over control of people’s limbs on a dance floor?

Definitely cooking. If I didn’t make music and DJ I’d want to be a chef. Smoked Haddock Lasagne is my signature dish.

You’re stuck on a desert island with one of your fellow superheroes. Who is it and why?

Superman so we can fly out of there.

(Oh yeah, forgot Mighty Mouse can fly too.)

You’ve turned out some stompin’ edits. What does a track have to have to warrant the Mighty Mouse makeover?

I need to think I can do something to it that enhances it and it needs to be something I think I can use in my sets. I make so many - some are pretty simple edits, some more elaborate. A lot are work in progress. I try them out - tweak them a little, try again, tweak more… then some I give away once I think they’re ready. I’ve got a fair few ready to give away.

You’ve played HMD at The Eagle before. How does playing to an intimate queer dance floor compare to the big parties you’ve played at recently?

It’s hands down one of my favourite places to play, it’s complete freedom and I can really embrace my disco side. I mean I play a lot of disco in my sets, but sometimes there might be more house. I love house too and generally I float between the two, but at HMD I can really delve into disco tracks I often don’t get the chance to play and I’ve made quite a few special edits for this Sunday that I can’t wait to drop. The vibe there is so good, everyone is dancing… it reminds of partying in the 90’s. It’s a London institution that everyone should go to.

What’s the one edit you hear and wish it had been yours?

Oh, there will be loads of them! I’d say Dimitri’s From Paris’s edit of Prince’s I Wanna Be You Lover. That’s class.

Tell us about your biggest giving-it-was large rock ’n’ roll DJ moment.

Oh my word, I have had some mad moments over the years and ended up in some very strange places. A festival in Vietnam a few years ago was pretty large. I woke up in a tent in a field, someone else's tent by the way (they weren’t there). I had a hotel which I didn’t manage to make it to.

What's cooking release wise?

Lots. I’ve remixed Boston Buns single 'Don’t Wanna Dance' that’s coming later in October, remixes of Fiorious’ new single 'Future Romance' and Qwestlife’s 'Hit It Off' both forthcoming on Glitterbox. Then there is a remix Who’s Who ‘Palace Palace’ and a classic track from Subliminal Records that I can’t say right now and a few other things I’m working on remix/production wise that aren’t confirmed for release yet. Lots of originals in the works, a few nearly finsihed, some getting vocals on. I’m mixing throughout October to finish a heap of stuff so should be a busy end to the year. Oh, and I should have the Du Tonc album finished this year (that’s a band I’m also in).

You’ve died, you’re going to Hell, but your one consolation is you can play one and only one artist down there forever. Who and why?

That’s so tough, Prince or Bowie probably. I’ll go with my mood today and pick Prince.

Kiss, marry, avoid: Janet Street Porter, Miriam Margoyles, Pam St. Clement?

Janet Street Porter - Avoid (she scares me)

Miriam Margoyles - Marry

Pam St. Clement - Marry.

Bigamist! What a saucy mouse.

Mighty Mouse plays Horse Meat Disco Sunday, 29th September at The Eagle. 8pm - 3am. £6.

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