Our Friends The Hound Hut.

You’re a fantastic local business. How and when did it start?

My background was working for Natural Instinct, a raw pet food manufacturer for 10 years as their account manager which included me visiting pet stores, vets, doing seminars and working Crufts. It was a natural progression for me to open my own local pet store and grooming salon. I’ve lived in the Kennington area for around 18 years and there hasn’t been anywhere to go for healthy foods and treats so the hound hut oval was born. 7th December 2019. 

Do you have any canines friends at homes or too busy with the Hound Hut?

We have 3 miniature Schnauzers, mum (Katie) dad (Olly) and daughter (Amber) they are well known in Kennington Park for being noisy and very inquisitive. Hence the hound hut logo. Schnauzer head in the h. They are very lucky to have the first pick of any new treats we get in store! 

You have closed the shop due to Covid-19, so how can your local self-isolating folk get their pet food?

The shop has closed for now to help fight this virus and to help keep people safe in their homes. You can call us on 0800 193 3364 or 07717097019 or email woof@thehoundhut.dog to enquire what stock we have and to purchase over the phone with the payment and your address taken at the time. We are aiming to do same-day deliveries unless we get super busy then next day delivery. We have a selection of RAW, dry, cans and freeze dried foods along with healthy treats from our haberdashery counter. 

What’s your top self-isolating tip for dogs? :)

Our top tip for self-isolating with a dog is, have plenty of healthy treats, some long lasting chews and some toys. Make some time and play with them during the day. Great stimulation for them and you. 

Stay safe, stay home and we will come to you, keeping that 2 meter distance and wearing protective gear. 

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