Neil Prince's Pop Tarts Top Ten taster.


To me, the E-Mo-Tion album is the best pure pop album of the last five years and this is probably my favourite single. I wish more pop was being made like this. And sold. Haha.

WHITNEY HOUSTON - So Emotional A fave of mine and Johnny's and as anyone worth their salt knows it HAS to be Shep's Edited Remix rather than the AWFUL guitar-y album version.

MADONNA - Causing A Commotion Another one me and Johnny fight over, I think this is my favourite 80s single of hers, altho she was faultless in that decade. You can't go wrong with any 80s Madonna.

KYLIE MINOGUE - Get Outta My Way The last amazing single she did. Its so punchy and irresistible. None of that banjo nonsense.

BRITNEY SPEARS - Till The World Ends Femme Fatale era Britney was full on power-pop and this is my favourite cut. I'm wondering what she'll come out with next. Something as good one hopes.

ARIANA GRANDE & ZEDD - Break Free THE best Ariana single hands down. I'm less a fan of all the gloom-pop stuff she's doing. We need more JOYOUS pop in our lives!

LOREEN - Euphoria The best Eurovision entry ever quite frankly. Apart from Belle & The Devotions' Love Games. That's the UK's best effort.

BANANARAMA - Preacher Man I can't leave my ladies out! This was the Nana's best single of the 90s and I was SO happy they included it in their original line-up tour!

DONNA SUMMER - This Time I Know It's For Real The ultimate disco diva of course. I just love how pure and strong her voice was. It just soars and lifts. She has a special place in my heart.

KIM WILDE - You Came Kim is a national institution and this is her finest moment.

Neil plays the launch of Pop Tarts Saturday 31st August.

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