Nathan Moore(ish!)

Who was the most fun celeb you met back in the day? 

Climie Fisher were quite fun, they played a great practical joke on us. They sent the most clapped out limousine to pick us up from the airport with the chauffeur in dirty overalls and said the main car had broken down so he had to pick us up. The car was rusty with tools in the boot. Just as we stepped in it they came round the corner in the most fabulous Rolls Royce but with a film crew in tow and got our reaction all on film. It was very funny.

And who was the biggest horror show? 

No real horror shows but at the time Bros or the twins weren’t very nice to us. They would send out their die-hard fans to give us hell at public events 😫

Why did Brother Beyond split up? Did it get a bit boy band bitchy?

No, we made the mistake of not doing a follow up alum with Stock Aitken & Waterman. The band thought they could write the hits, it was a big mistake.

How did Worlds Apart compare to Brother Beyond?

Worlds Apart in France was bigger, 5 top 3 singles and two #1 albums, hence we are part of a 24 date tour this winter all across France with 7500 people per show, plus singing in French on certain hits just made our story a little different to many other acts, especially being British.

What’s the ultimate Nathan Moore rock star story?

Meeting Madonna in LA and being invited to dinner at her house with Warren Beatty. I had to turn her down... long story but let’s say it’s a bit of a regret.

Is there one defining moment when you thought, ‘Yes, I’ve made it’?

I was walking down oxford street the morning after my first Top of the pops appearance , I was aware that everyone was looking at me and remember thinking this is what it’s like to be famous.

What’s the most outrageous thing a groupie has done to get your attention?

Not me but Steve from WA had a girl hide in the wardrobe of his hotel room, when he entered his room she burst out wearing just underwear, he had to grapple with her to get her out, crazy lady 😳

You had a very defined look back in the day and you still do. Do you spend a lot of cash on clobber and where do you shop?

Nope these days I shop at Zara, I don’t waste cash on clothes.

You’ve moved into acting. Tell us about that.

I’m a crap actor but I would have loved to have done it when I was 20, I nearly got a part as myself on Brookside back in 1988, loved the show and we took the cast out for dinner one night, great fun.

You’ve kept the bod on point. Will you be flashing any flesh for us at Cheer Up?

No!! 😘 I keep things tucked away these days but yes I run a lot and stay in shape but the days of revealing the torso on stage are over... Not that I couldn’t!

Nathan Moore won't be getting his tits out at Cheer Up on Saturday 14th but he'll be singing some huge 80s and 90s tunes! £10. 9pm.

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