Meet The Team: Cameron Keeping It Down in Lewishaaaaaaam.

1. Where are you from Cameron and what were you doing before you joined us at The Eagle?

I’m from southeast London, Lewisham, and before I joined The Eagle I was working on a seasonal pop-up bar next to the London Eye.

2. How are you holding up under quarantine and are you alone or with others?

I’m quarantined with family as I live with them, however I am struggling with keeping indoors all day and the lack of freedom. I understand the circumstances though and that by this small sacrifice we are saving hundreds of lives.

3. Give us three tracks you’ve had on loop on lockdown.

All of this is fleeting - Polaris

Milk - hands off Gretal

Don’t touch - Wynee

Well, we've not heard of any them but then we're not down with the kidz...

4. What and where was your first night out clubbing? Anything happen you cringe about now or were you a good boy?

My first night out was when I was taken out at seventeen by the people from my first job. We crawled around Soho, nothing interesting other than the fact I passed out three times on the train home in a pool of my own vomit!

5. What’s the first thing you’re going to do once we’re allowed out?

The first thing I’m going to do when this is all over is go out to cocktail bars and clubs with a group of friends!

6. Any Netflix recommendations while we’re all stuck at home?

Peaky Blinders, Lucifer, Altered Carbon.

7. Your recent busman’s holiday to Wales sounded like an epic fail. What happened?

Yeah, I thought my luck was in but was lead on by one the people I was with and I ended up paying for most of it for everyone. We also didn't have anywhere booked so ended up sleeping in the car as we couldn't get a hotel. I basically got rinsed.

Mmm... not exactly Conde Nast Traveller vibes going on here, Cameron!

You'll find him smiling and being his usual happy self behind the bar when we reopen.

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