Luke Solomon's Horse Meat Disco top 5.

The Class Music Company boss shares five of his faves ahead of his set at The Eagle.

Rufus and Chaka Khan - Do you Love What You Feel

Such a great feel good laid back disco vibe . Chaka is mother so she would need to come with to the island 100 percent.

94 East - If You Feel Like Dancing

Prince is father so he would need to come too. There’s a huge selection to choose from but this feels the most disco to me in parts . Eternal love.

Valerie Simpson - Silly Wasn’t I

Again - so many to choose from but this is total vibes. Goose bumps all the way is the one . Plus - it’s Valerie

Patti Austin - Only A Breath Away

Oh my what can I say about this song. I wouldn’t feel right about not taking Jam and Lewis away with me. Again there a so many choices but this is one of those out of no where J and L moments that has it all for me.

Aretha Franklin - Jump

Taken from the amazing album Sparkle - Aretha just soothes the soul. Happy to sit in the sun and listen to this on repeat forever and a day.

Luke Solomon plays Horse Meat Disco on Sunday 21st July at The Eagle.

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