Covid 19: Ways To Help

We are living through uncertain times and like many of you we are at home and wondering what the next few weeks will bring to ourselves and loved ones. While the Government hasn't yet closed down venues we decided the sensible thing to do was to go out with a bang last Saturday night with Sinitta at Cheer Up and as it stands we'll remain closed until brighter days return.

But closed doesn't mean silent! This Friday we will have our first Carpet Burn podcast from CJ Cooper (keep your eyes on our socials for the link). We might not be able to give you a knees-up on the dance floor but we're bringing it to your living room.

We'll also be launching On The Wing - Eagle's new blog on music, queer culture, history & London for some reading material for those stuck indoors. Check out the website in days to come.

There are several ways we can all help those most vulnerable in the community. Here are a few suggestions we thought worth sharing with you.

Support Foodbanks

As controversial as their existence is in a wealthy, developed country like ours, there is no doubt food banks have saved many people from sleeping on an empty stomach. With supermarket shelves increasingly sparse these lifelines for the most needy will be put under greater strain than ever before. If you are able you can either donate money or food to The Trussell Trust, the UK's biggest network, here.

Support The Homeless

As tough as times are for many of us there is no doubt those already struggling the most will fare the worst. The homeless are particularly vulnerable with limited access to sanitation, heating, nourishment and medical services.

There are countless charities in London doing their best to alleviate this disgraceful homeless epidemic but despite their efforts he average age of death for someone long term on the streets is 45 - a truly sobering figure. Whether it's buying food and hot drinks, donating clothes or getting involved with Crisis, Shelter, St Mungo's, Centrepoint or any of the smaller organisations, any help given could make a huge difference to someone's life. Don't forget to use Streetlink too if you see people living rough.

Support Older People

We know this disease affects those over 50 far worse than younger people and our older folks are being told to protect themselves by staying at home. Loneliness & isolation is already a blight on many people's lives and this will be exacerbated by these further restrictions, so if you have older or sick neighbours offer them a hand with their shopping or medical supplies.

Alternatively, give Opening Doors a look. It's a wonderful London based charity helping 50+ LGBTQ people. They are looking for people to provide telebefriending to those stuck indoors in need of an ear.

Support Small Local Businesses - Including Us!

We are one of thousands of small businesses (SME's) with the CLOSED sign up. While Government has made some announcements to help these are very uncertain times and it's a grim to reality to say many companies won't survive this. SME's account for half the country's output and employ 60% of the population. We're important! Please support your local ones in any small way if you are able.

While we have no intention of going anywhere while our dance floor is empty and if you have some spare pocket money buy any one of the tees in the Eagle store. For every tee bought you get free entry to any one of our nights when reopen plus a shot of Stoli flavoured vodka!

Stay tuned for Carpet Burn podcast #1 tomorrow and the launch of On The Wing!

Look after yourselves & each other.

Love, Team Eagle.

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