Bodytonic's Conor Lynch plays SOS.

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Top or bottom?

Top of the mornin to ye.

Who would be your top five celebs if you were stuck in a dark room? Chris Eubank: Forget the boxing and jodhpurs, his inadvertent ability to come out with some of the most bizarre quotes and responses I’ve heard would provide the comic relief. I’d say his take on being in a dark room would be pretty special.

Louis Theroux: His awkwardness would take the attention off how awkward I would be when I realise I’m in a darkroom with Donald Trump & Chris Eubank.

Donald Trump: An old germaphobe with small hands, he would love it.

Mick Jagger: As shown in The Eagle recently he can still shake it with the young ones and he will no doubt have a few heavies to sort it out if it kicks off with Trump and Eubank.

Jameela Jamil: She prob wouldn’t have any interest in any of us but at least wouldn’t body shame us and would keep Donald in check.

Give us five of your favourite soul / funk records?

Off the top of my head, here are some I’m currently feeling:

Al Matthews - Fool

Temptations - Shakey Ground

High Inergy - You Can’t Turn Me Off

Lew Kirton - Heaven In The Afternoon

Blackbyrds - Happy Music

Your most recent vinyl soul purchase?

Jet Brown - Jet Brown LP

What’s the first funk track you’re going to drop at SOS and why? Probably Atlantic Starr - Gimme Your Lovin. It’s been stuck in my head for months now, I played it last time around and I defy anyone to listen to it and not instinctively shake their hips.

Soul is huge. Why do you think it’s so under represented in nightlife?

A few reasons really. First off, I think there can often exist a wide gulf between places/nights that play the well known, commercial crossover hits and more music driven soul nights. And in the case of the latter, there can often exist a level of elitism which harks back to the northern soul collector days and which can often be intimidating to the newcomer (which I hate). The best nights try to operate on democratic principles and cultivate a welcoming, open atmosphere where your participation is defined by your attitude and enthusiasm, not your musical knowledge or what you wear. Music is best served shared, so If you’re making people feel intimidated because they don’t know where the remaining copies of Frank Wilson are or aren’t wearing the right brand of trousers, you’re doing it wrong.

From a DJ standpoint, another issue is soul records (and most disco) are really hard to mix. Instead of putting in the time to get good at mixing it a lot of DJs either don’t bother playing soul records they like, play them but don’t mix them, or play dodgy remix versions of the originals, all of which contributes to situations where you aren’t hearing as much as you could out in club environments.

Kiss, marry, avoid: Elton John, Theresa May, Donald Trump?

Kiss: Theresa May - You aren’t giving me much choice here!

Marry: Elton John - If it’s gonna be til death do us part, I wouldn’t say no to being pampered and Sir Elton seems like a man who likes the finer things in life, plus he has good taste in music shouting out the HMD boys recently, so sign me up. And his middle name is Hercules.

Avoid: Donald Trump - Id want to strangle him in about 45 seconds, so for everyone’s best interests, let’s leave him on the shelf

Soul On Saturday is the fourth Saturday of every month. Free before 10pm and £6 after.

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