Athena Turns 3!

Promoter Paul Joseph shares some of his seminal media memories from the eighties.

I started Athena I wanted to make sure we celebrated the looks and icons of the decade as well as the music. Each month I prepare a 90 minute video montage with pop videos, live performances, scenes from TV and movies, commercials, award shows and more. Hours are spent trawling youtube for hidden gems and it’s great watching our guests enjoying the action on the screens. Here are my favourite clips to screen – and they'll all be playing at out 3rd Birthday Party.

Playgirl’s Hunkercize

An exercise video featuring Playgirl Cover Stars with hot moustaches and lots of lingering close ups on their muscles as they work out in their short shorts. Bliss.

Dynasty Ultimate Credits

Someone has put together ever cast intro title ever – meaning you get to see all the main cast as their look evolves through the season ( 5 heather Locklears! 7 Joan Collins!) plus a wealth of guest stars. Look out for the copycat sequence of Emma Samms as she replaces Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon.

Night of 100 Stars II Fashion Show (1985)

A perfect example of mid-‘80s garish opulence, coupled with a lack of self awareness or irony. This big budget extravaganza features female celebrities parading and twirling in designer fashions. “Wearing Fabrice… Morgan Fairchild” “Wearing Bob Mackie…Linda Gray”. Pure CAMP!

Madonna - Burning Up Video

The ultimate ‘80s icon – Madonna pioneered so many looks that were so definitely ‘80s but so identifiably her own. This video from her club stomper has her writhing around in the middle of the road, lounging on a tiny boat and bopping in an art gallery, cut with some stylized effects shots. Gorgeous.

The Flirts – Passion Video

Scary stares into camera, slinky choreography, big hair and baking graphics that look like a sticker on a teenage pencil case.

Laura Branigan – Self Control (German TV)

So many fabulous elements in this TV performance – most notably Branigan’s gold lamé shirt dress with huge belt and the pillars spewing dry ice. She gives it all the moves with the subtle little smirk of a good girl being just a little bit too naughty.

Human League – Don’t You Want Me - Video

Vocalists Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall are major influences on the look of Athena, particularly our floor hosts and dancers The Poster Girls. I absolutely love a stylish ‘80s chick who is just too bored and cool to smile. That they were spotted by Phil Oakey in a Sheffield Nightclub aged 17 adds to their high street allure.

‘80s Dance Club Realness

Just a bunch of US kids getting down to some grooves in a Nitespot. Look out for green satin shirt girl (oft mistaken for Kim Wilde) who is a model of putting dancefloor insouciance.

Vidal Sassoon Commercial

Hair. Just hair. Serious Hair. Glossy Hair. Perfect For turning dramatically in a lift or corridor.

Hot Gossip – Naughty Bits

This 1982 production features dancers from Arlene Philips dance troupe high kicking, gryrating and writhing their way through an array of synth-pop tunes. Surely very racy for the time, but now firmly in the kitsch category.

Watch all the clips on Athena’s Video Channel here:

Athena's birthday is Saturday 15th February at The Eagle.

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