All Out 80s! Paul Joseph's Athena November Top 10.

1. The Visitors - ABBAThere's not a lot of 80s ABBA but they sure went out on a high with their last album. The title track is a dark throbbing synth classic.

2. Self-Control - Laura Branigan We're just here for the drama. And the guitar. And that voice!

3. Leave A Light On – Belinda Carlisle Belinda’s 2nd and 3rd solo albums are chock full of perfect soaring power pop tunes, and this is my favourite.

4. Two Tribes (Annihilation Mix) - Frankie Goes To HollywoodA raw unapologetic classic with a pounding bassline. 

5. Never Trust A Stranger - Kim WildeWe love a bit of Kim at Athena. I actually didn't pay this track much heed until someone requested it and I was enlightened to its glory.

6. Burning Up – Madonna Her '80s output is phenomenal but this track is a cruisey late night disco stomper.

7. Let’s Go Crazy – Prince The sermon like opening has special meaning now Prince is no longer with us, and the rest of the track is pure joy.

8. Rush Hour - Jane Wiedlin Fantastic sunny pop. Effortlessly cool and catchy.

9. It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys We play so many of Neil and Chris' tunes but this one has the edge because of its epic production and theatricality. A true masterpiece.

10. There’s More to Love (Than Boy Meets Girl) - The Communards

Beautiful tune with Jimmy Somerville's amazing voice and a queer message. It has been known to cause spontaneous line dancing.

Athena is on Saturday 17th November at The Eagle. Doors at 9pm. Free entry till 10 then £6.

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